The integrated environment and health consultancy


Environmental Risk Assessment

IEH Consulting provides services for the review and critical evaluation of ecotoxicological and exposure data to establish an authoritative opinion on potential environmental hazards and risks. We apply a highly pragmatic approach to provide reliable and realistic hazard and risk assessments for all environmental compartments, for both regulators and industry alike. The ecological and environmental risk assessment of chemicals has becoming increasingly important with the introduction of the REACH Regulation, whereby producers and users of chemicals have to demonstrate that their chemicals pose a low risk to the environment. We have wide-ranging capabilities, experience and competencies in a broad range of relevant ecological and environmental risk assessment scenarios.

Aspects of particular focus are:

  • Environmental exposure assessment
  • Ecotoxicological advice and interpretation of effects data
  • Determining harm to ecosystem goods and services
  • Understanding of National and EU Environmental standards and Directives, and regulations
  • Contaminated land advice and interpretation of ecological effects
  • Use of Species Sensitivity Analysis
  • Fate and behaviour of chemicals in the environment
  • Marine, freshwater and soil systems and their relationship to other environmental compartments and ecosystems