The integrated environment and health consultancy



The Directors at IEH Consulting at times call on the services of scientists and specialists outside of the disciplines of environment and health.

See below for full details of current contributing scientists/specialists:

Lini Ashdown MA

Lini has more than 30 years of experience as an Information Scientist. She undertakes comprehensive searches of published and grey literature for projects and provides current awareness services. She creates literature search strategies with input of keywords from researchers, and provides and manages all reference materials.

She obtained her Masters degree in Library and Information Science from Loughborough University and started her career at The Indonesian Institute of Sciences. In the UK she worked for the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce and the Open University before joining Cranfield University where she worked for 12 years. It was at the Open University that she started to undertake comprehensive literature searches for different Systematic Review projects on different subjects.

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