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More details on the background and interests of the Directors at IEH Consulting are available at:

Paul Harrison
Phil Holmes
Ruth Bevan

The work of the Directors is supported by a number of highly experienced Associates, who are in many cases former work colleagues.

Training Courses and Seminars
Please go to the link below for more information on our current courses:
IEH Consulting training course

IEH Consulting Directors and Associates have run a number of training courses/seminars over the years, including:

Epidemiology for Decision Makers
Toxicology - What you need to know
EFSA Risk Assessment Training Course

Areas of Expertise

Our services fall into the following major areas:

Toxicological Risk Assessment

The systematic review and critical evaluation of toxicological data to establish authoritative positions on potential human health hazards and risks is essential in any risk assessment procedure. This is a function that IEH Consulting scientists have routinely undertaken for several decades, and for which they are individually and collectively highly respected. In addition, IEH Consulting is able to draw on considerable experience and expertise in a number of specialist fields, meaning that we can offer advice and opinion and undertake project work in a number of key areas, including:

Aspects of particular interest are:

Epidemiology and Statistics

IEH Consulting can draw on considerable scientific expertise in the fields of epidemiology and statistics gained from academia, government agencies and research councils. We are ideally placed to undertake epidemiological research and critical assessment services and to provide clients with clear explanations of the significance of scientific findings in relation to public and/or occupational health.

Particular areas of activity and interest relate to the health risks of posed by exposure to environmental and workplace chemicals, dusts and fibres. We are able to conduct and manage epidemiological research, provide statistical expertise, and undertake critical review and assessment of epidemiological studies in relation to all the key areas listed above.

Environmental Risk Assessment

The review and critical evaluation of ecotoxicological and exposure data to establish an authoritative opinion on potential environmental hazards and risks. We apply a highly pragmatic approach to provide reliable and realistic hazard and risk assessments for all environmental compartments, for both regulators and industry alike. The ecological and environmental risk assessment of chemicals has becoming increasingly important with the introduction of the REACH Regulation, whereby producers and users of chemicals have to demonstrate that their chemicals pose a low risk to the environment. We have wide-ranging capabilities, experience and competencies in a broad range of relevant ecological and environmental risk assessment scenarios.

Aspects of particular interest are:

European Chemicals Policy and Regulation

Scientists at IEH Consulting have a long and internationally recognised reputation for providing advice to UK and EU government bodies and industrial organisations alike, in relation to the development, implementation and implications of policy and regulatory measures as they relate to chemicals and occupational and public health. This includes, for example, assisting in the interface between science-based health impact assessment and socioeconomic assessment. Aspects of such activities include:

Research and Consultancy Services

IEH Consulting provides a range of other services, including:

Past and Current Clients

IEH Consulting has undertaken work for or in association with the following organisations: